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Farrago's Wainscot and Tales from the Slushfiles

Tales from the Slushfiles #3: Keep em Coming!

NOTE: The previous Tales from the Slushfiles post originated from these two LiveJournal entries: selfavowedgeek.livejournal.com/104576.html and selfavowedgeek.livejournal.com/107466.html .

Given the ups and downs of markets latelywhether closing temporarily or closing altogetherthe Old Man just wanted me to remind everyone that the basement is still open to submissions. Thats mighty convenient and classy of him since he never does much more than open the door to the basement and heckles me about reading slush. Recently, he said, How goes the slush reading? I said, Theyre pretty good, but its hard reading them in bad lighting. He said something about building character in an assistant editor and candles. I riposted about John Miltons daughters as anamneses. He grumbled. I giggled and thought how clever I was and that I had won. Then he slammed the basement door, and that blew out the candles. . . .

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