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Farrago Visits the Scotch Mentor

On March 16, Farrago traveled east to Tyler, TX, to spend St. Patty's day with the Scotch mentor.
Here are some trophies:

From left: Friends of Farrago Nancy Chevalier and Seamus Delmont, the Scotch Mentor, ripperbard, roxana, and darinbradley.




The promenade, quite the big deal.

The Scotch Mentor, tending to his other flock.

Queen Rennie, being manhandled by the Scotch Mentor.

Farrago himself, who was in a foul mood, made a potion out of clover, found a desolate cave, and laughed himself into quite the fit. The rest of us could hear his muffled laughter while we drank copius amounts of Scotch and Irish, ate Roxana's delicious trifle, and passed out onto various couches and floor spaces.

Though belated, Farrago's Wainscot wishes everyone bad-ass St. Patty's Days from here on out. Farrago salutes St. Patty's Day, the 76th out of 365.25 occasions to get really drunk with the people who matter.


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