November 27th, 2007

Even More Behind the Wainscot

We editors have been shaking a few things up in Old Man Farrago's decrepit basement lately, and we've finally cleared enough of the dust and broken absinthe bottles to release some updates.

Starting in January of 2008, Paul Jessup will join the Farrago staff as the editor of Behind the Wainscot. We're very pleased that we could twist his arm into doing so and are looking forward to what he'll bring to our spunky blogozine. Also, Jason Grissom is moving up to head our copyediting, much to my infinite relief. Again, how we talked him into this is beyond me.

And while on the note of Behind the Wainscot, it has been redesigned.* While it worked at first to embed all of the material directly into our livejournal blog here, we decided we needed more room and more freedom. Gone are the long and complicated urls. We're still working on coordinating cross-posting from the new site to this blog, but we'll nail it soon, so you won't have to do anything but keep reading. Look for our ninth issue soon, and after that, a special guest-edited, end-of-year issue by Hal Duncan.

Please note that Behind the Wainscot will be closed to submissions until January.

*Links are still being updated and collected