January 27th, 2007


Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle, Live at the Granada Theater

The dust had once again begun to settle on the wainscot, but an evening of percussive madness shook it right off. Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle is the best punk rock reggae hip-hop jam band fronted by a violent vibraphone player ever, and they performed at the Granada Theater in Dallas a few short hours ago.

With Go-Go Ray's speed drumming and Mark Southerland's powerful sax, it would be easy for this outfit to turn into a shred-fest (yes, one can apparently shred a vibraphone), but a variety of instrumentation and some healthy genre-blending keep things interesting. The result is music that is actively listenable rather than predictably danceable, and those with an attention span are further rewarded with lyrics that are often amusing.

Slightly less amusing are Mike Dillon's habits of over-indulging on the bongos and taking off his pants. Fortunately, he did neither tonight.

Tonight's show featured local legend J Paul Slavens sitting in on accordion for one song, making the dead battery in the digital camera all the more tragic. Slavens fought an unruly mic with great aplomb and rocked out thoroughly.

It is unclear why Go-Go Jungle would open for Spoonfed Tribe rather than the other way around. Spoonfed Tribe had twice affectation and half the creativity, and they quickly squandered the good will that their flamboyant entrance and gratuitous flute-playing created by engaging in lazy, aimless jams and by-the-books funk.