January 8th, 2007


Farrago, the First Week

Well, Farrago's Wainscot has hit the ripe old age of about a week old (we don't count the strange, pre-natal existence it went through in the latter part of '06 as we geared for release). They grow up so fast.

As of today, we're in the lower 300s, as far as site-visits (as opposed to those brief and ephemeral "hits"), which is exciting, and we certainly appreciate those of you who have donated (that's not to say we don't appreciate those who don't—we love readers of all varieties—but we feel especially warm and giddy toward these money-givers). Each buck brings us one step closer to paying our contributors. Farrago is an unemotional, disturbed individual, however, so don't expect any love from him. He's busy in . . . somebody's once-boudoir painting the walls with his belly button. Impressionism, he's attempting these days.

But, seriously, if you've got a spare buck (we're only asking for a buck, really), we'll give it a good home.

Also, we're happy to link to your Farrago-friendly (as in at least remotely sympathetic theme- or aesthetic-wise) projects, 'zines, collaborations, presses, &c. via our "Links" page. See same for contact details.

And thanks billions for helping us spread the good word. We are now one of the most relevant "wainscot" searches on google. Tomorrow, the world!

Farrago's Wainscot