The Day After Earth Day: Darin Bradley, Noise, and the Beginning of the End

Darin Bradley is all over this page, so I'm going to stop identifying him every time I have to mention him. If you don't know him by now, you haven't been paying attention (and judging by our traffic numbers, you haven't!).

And I'm going to start responding to the things he says over on Suvudu, where he has begun a new blog series about the Pox Eclipse in all its myriad forms.

This first post is just a hello, so we'll see what happens next. I'm not above a little recreational trolling ...


Drollerie Press has announced a new 31-day digital author conference called CoyoteCon. Farrago-founder and novelist Darin Bradley will be a part of a chatroom discussion with Lucy Snyder on May 14 about "The Book Deal and Publishing Process." Drop by.

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NX35 Day 2 - March 12, 2010

Friday March 12

Denton, Texass NX35, originally a panel for Denton bands at SXSW, celebrated and produced a formidable first in what one could only hope becomes more in-town annuals March 11-14. I had attended the first Denton-anchored event and was experiencing this bloated annual with every bit of awe and elation as, I expect, those who had put it together must have also felt.

NX35 Video Binge

Rob King, who has some experience with local music, made the trek to Denton, Texas for NX35, a music conferette and cultural explosion. I, however, got sick and missed most of it. Rob will tell you the full story of NX35 later this week.

What I did experience was two febrile nights of venue-hopping greatness, a video dump of which I'm providing here.

For what it's worth ...

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Welcome to the Weird, Texas Students

As committed as we at Farrago's F.M.I. are to the history of things that aren't, parallel realities, and the inexorable blending of fact and fiction, it appears as if the Texas State Board of Education is way ahead of us.

Kudos, bureaucrats, for what promises to be the most expansive experiment in unreality ever achieved. If only F.M.I. had the reach and the budget ...

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